Purpose Pivot

What are you growing toward?

I've noticed how many clients initially approach our clarity call with a common question: "What can you do for me?" Yet, as our conversation unfolds, the activating question becomes, "What do you want? What are you growing toward?"


Welcome to Resource Strategies


At Resource Strategies, we specialize in your personalized approach to creating future results. Our mission is to bring conscious leadership, effective communication, and collaborative innovation to life for leaders who make a difference.


The Journey: From Silos to Synergies


Here “getting on the same page” comes alive. While the future is certain to be uncertain, you can create your destination so you stay your course. 

Go from...

  • bottlenecks
  • Disconnects
  • “I was overwhelmed. Knew I had a blind spot. Needed a new perspective. But overwhelm kept me stuck.”
  • Reactivity


  • bridges
  • Progress Over Perfection
  • Leverage neuroscience and nervous system regulating tools to manage overwhelm and stress.
  • Creativity
ASPIRE Coffee Talk

Begin with a powerful pause for you.

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Strategic Team Building


Change is happening faster than ever - maybe faster than we as individuals and our current systems can adapt?

Let's lead well from within, adapting and evolving.

Let's unlock collective intelligence so we can co-create our desired future.

Creativity is not the clever rearranging of the known. ~ Viola Spolin

Meet Sheila: Your Guide to Purpose Pivots

Sheila Siden, our seasoned guide, believes in the creative process and leads with vision and intention. With 30+ years of experience in social enterprise, nonprofit development, and an MBA background, Sheila offers a compass to leaders seeking solid footing in the ever-changing landscape.

When not Zooming with clients, friends and colleagues, you’ll find her beach walking, forest bathing, making art, learning to master gardening, and herding cats.

Embark on your purpose journey.

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Why Purpose Pivot? Insights from Michael Ellsworth

Discover the impact of Purpose Pivot through the transformative journey of Michael Ellsworth, co-founder of Civilization, an award-winning design studio. Learn how Purpose Pivot turned around his leadership and relationships within his team.

Coffee Talk: Brewing Insights for Your Future

Friday mornings, join me for hot topics and percolating questions to ponder for a powerful pause. 

Coffee Talk spills on purpose strategies for busy culture leaders who create the future.