Ripples of Impact (ROI)

On Your North Star Path

Are you ready to up your game as a socially responsible leader but that feels like more overwhelm?

It doesn’t have to be that way. And you don’t have to go it alone.

We help socially responsible business owners, executives, and other leaders gain peak performance, retain their best talent, and make more meaningful impact in their community.

Our ASPIRE approach meets clients where they are to see results every step of the way.

A proven process can change the trajectory of your week in one hour or less.

Transform your big idea into clear and actionable plans with resource strategies.

Default ideas can stand in the way of designing a new future result. Unlearning old ideas is difficult. Undoing old habits even harder.

If you are ready to up your game as a socially responsible leader but are juggling too much to adapt and thrive, let’s talk.

Clients say …

Sheila has mastered the art of asking the right powerful question at the right time. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sheila over the past year. Through our sessions, I gained clarity on the challenges I’m facing, discovered new solutions, and created values-aligned approaches to strategic conversations. My actions better align with my purpose and core values. It’s a gift to have the pause of a session to sit back, reflect more deeply and get support for solving some of my most important day to day challenges.

Social Impact Entrepreneur & Founder

Sheila’s coaching revealed new insights into my career opportunities and personal meaning in these challenging times. I was able to develop and evolve my personal brand to focus on my higher purpose going forward. Her thoughtful guidance can help you pivot to achieve what’s most important.

Social Enterprise Technology Director

Sheila’s methodology helps me refocus my attention. Walking through her unique techniques, I am able to tap into my creative mindset and reevaluate my life, reconnect with my personal vision and purpose, and rethink how to take action, both professionally and personally. Now that I’ve worked with Sheila, when I’m feeling stuck I refer back to the tools she provided to make adjustments bring more of what I want to add to the world during times of crisis and beyond.

Social Enterprise Business Development Director

Sheila has a unique ability to draw out and help me tap into the benefits of applying my inner creative to business challenges. This has been instrumental in my forward progress! Sheila is an expert at cultivating a growth mindset. Through her precision coaching, I have been able to get out of my own way, allowing for an exponential increase in innovation within my business. I highly recommend partnering with Sheila. Expect to stretch and expect exceptional outcomes!

Human Skills in Tech Entrepreneur

Sheila brought a much-needed, fresh perspective. Her adherence to the culture of philanthropy – not simply fundraising, but purposeful, mission-fulfilling messaging through each department – led to improvements in marketing and increases in funding from long-time and first time donors. She is dedicated to nonprofit best-practice and committed to community development through her work.

Nonprofit Executive

To Forge a New Path

Pivot to Purpose 1. 2. 3.

What do you want to turn around in 30 days and say “Holy Cow! I did that!” How about in 300 days?

1. Schedule your strategy conversation.

Schedule here. Your strategy conversation is all about you, your goals, challenges, and intentions.

2. Get to the heart of it.

What is most important now? Why? Why now?

3. Commit.

Pick up this thread and hold on to it so you can make a difference.

Schedule your personal strategy conversation.

pick up a thread and follow it into the future

Conscious Leadership

A conscious leader is self-, stakeholder-, eco-system-aware and forward looking.

A conscious leader is aware of their inner world along with the ripples of impact their words and actions have on others. They earn the right to lead through their ways of being. Whatever their positional authority, conscious leaders are on a pathway or journey, as becoming conscious continually unfolds. Self-awareness, purpose focus, and stakeholder orientation build a culture of “we” as strong as the culture of “me” from inside the organization, out to the community, and beyond.

Conscious Leadership is one of the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism. Three other tenets are Higher Purpose, Conscious Culture, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Organizations that Practice Conscious Leadership Perform 10x Better

Harvard Business Review
Sheila Siden Resource Strategies Purpose
Sheila Siden, MBA, CEC
Coach-Facilitator for Conscious Leaders



Coach – Facilitator for Conscious Leadership

Hello. Welcome.

In between doses of Vitamin Sea, you can find me with the Zebras Co-op or my XCHANGE family. For fun, how about a game of Drawphone?

When change happens, I reinvent. So the creative process is my repertoire. For my clients, this looks like unexpected ways to support their shifts in perspective to realize their new bold vision.

30 years’ experience in social enterprise – for and nonprofit – showed me leaders in the impact space who run on the fumes of passion, risking priority overload and burnout. In community organizations, we have diverse stakeholders and their passions along with resource challenges which makes for even higher complexity.

Personal development is my commitment. I discovered many more depths to plumb when I took on elder care for my angry dad. When I underestimated burnout, I learned about stress the hard way. For me and others, stress and reactivity corrode leadership and whole picture thinking.

Discovering ‘conscious leadership,’ I wondered if it left other leaders ‘unconscious’? I recalled Mrs. Beal and her “my way or the highway” refrain, Mr. Pitchford and his phone throwing as disciplinary action, Mr. Scott and his managerial motto “that goes without saying,” Ms. Kramer and her musing ‘what would Machiavelli do?” Yes, they were all unconscious of their words, their impact, and the toxic workplace cultures that they created.

Resource Strategies is my bold vision to support leaders to lead from well-being, empathy, and clarity. I’m hired by socially responsible leaders who want to thrive and make sure their business thrives.

Happy Hour with Purpose is my mad experiment public program. What if you could change the trajectory of your week in one hour? It’s part of my mission to help 1,000 change agents destress, develop leader culture, and connect with one another. Third Thursdays!

My most recent reinvention is life at the beach on the Washington Coast, which inspires Vitamin Sea.

Your purpose matters,




Sheila Siden weaves purpose, profit, and success with stakeholders. Early on, she corrected business problems in luxury hotels like turnover and quality when she ignited the department-wide sense of shared purpose. Savings and efficiencies showed that instilling shared purpose is a strategic priority that delivers bottom-line results.

Working across sectors: for-profit and nonprofit, Sheila gained over thirty years’ experience and results thanks to success with stakeholders. She played a strong role in bringing the Internet to market. She programmed RadioNet – an ideas forum and RealNetworks‘ first streamed radio show. Sheila learned TCP/IP to product-manage firewalls and broadband and all of their stakeholders.

Dot bomb was a major crossroads where soul searching led Sheila to pivot to support artists, arts, and culture through fundraising. As Development Director and Executive Director, Sheila raised one to two million dollars annually by activating donors, writing many successful grant proposals, and planning ‘parties with purpose’ to build on stakeholder engagement. Deeply engaged in Seattle’s arts and culture community for over fifteen years, Sheila was on the team who produced signature music Festivals.

Sheila earned her MBA at Monterey Institute for International Studies, and recently updated her studies with Otto Scharmer’s ULab Leading from the Emerging Future, Conscious Capitalism with Babson College, and Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation with University of Queensland, Australia. She created Resource Strategies to support leaders in creating and sustaining capacity for personal well-being and success with social impact.

Sheila Siden Executive Coach Let's make sense of sustainability so you can thrive.

Burnout: Lost or Learning Path?

Morning sunlight filtered in. Detangling deadlines at my desk, the calendar got fuzzy.

The desk phone rang. Caller ID showed the board president calling me about our collaboration. At the same time, my cell phone buzzed. It was dad’s assisted living facility. New problems for me to solve.

I couldn’t take any call. Decision fatigue had drained my brain power.

It was the moment it dawned on me: this is the end of my rope.

Don’t let decision fatigue stop you from your most important decision yet: to get support.

Schedule your call so you can thrive and make your most meaningful impact.

Vitamin Sea Beyond Burnout

On Creativity

Creativity is not the clever rearranging of the known. ~ Viola Spolin