Hi! Sheila here. Master of the Purpose Pivot. My whole life has been about self discovery, asking: "Who am I?" "What is important to me now?" 

I've noticed how many clients initially approach our clarity call with a common question: "What can you do for me?"

Yet, as our conversation unfolds, the more pertinent question becomes, "What do you want? What do you want to make happen?"

That's where Vitamin Sea comes in: recuperation, grounding, and 'letting go to let come' as we say in uLab. In the eco-cycle of life, work, and business we need to make room for new visions and priorities by choice. 

Time and Tools to Reset

This 7 day DIY Purpose Pivot is named Vitamin Sea because the beach is a natural happy place. Originally from sunny southern California, I now call the Washington Coast my home. (These days, I traded coats for the bikini.) Research shows that coastal air is full of healthy ions! Activate your imagination and find yourself finding yourself.  


Give You the gift of Vitamin Sea in just 15 minutes a day.

Begin now so you can

  • learn the cheapest, most effective form of self regulation
  • learn how to make friends with your inner critic
  • practice Stress Rx so you can turn reactivity to creativity
  • create your desired future


Vitamin Sea


Meet Sheila

Navigating the intricate questions that adoptees often grapple with, such as "who am I?" "where do I fit in?" and "which passions are my own?" has been my personal journey. Creative and holistic methods like dream work, expressive arts, and reiki help me find my answers.

My own adoptee journey involved emerging from the fog into a self-discovery that liberates me from the silence that enveloped my adoptive family. Silence sometimes punctuated by explosions of family drama. 

Embracing the myriad contradictions adoptees navigate, I have paved my path with creative tools for self-discovery and inner peace. I weave these tools into the mentee experience, offering fresh perspectives and fostering transformative growth. 

My journey is paved with creative tools for self-discovery and inner peace. I am now focused on supporting other seekers who want to live their truth. 

My Coaching and Mentoring Philosophy:

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of individual journeys. Leveraging my expertise as a Certified Executive Coach and XCHANGE facilitation guide, I assist fellow seekers in discovering the clarity that fuels confidence on their unique self-discovery path, both personally and professionally.

On a quest for self-discovery, I uncovered layers of my identity to recuperate after burnout and grief. 

Vitamin Sea can be a transformative journey. DIY Self Navigator charts the waters to your authentic self. 


Certified Exchange Guide


What sets Sheila apart as a mentor - coach? 

✨ Personalized Approach: I tailor my coach - mentorship to each individual, guiding seekers in their own goal which is often uncovering their strengths and passions, empowering them to embrace their authentic selves.

✨ Holistic Methods: Drawing from creative and holistic techniques, I foster self-discovery through modalities including dream work, expressive arts, and reiki, creating a transformative experience for mentees.

✨ Embracing Contradictions: Understanding the nuanced challenges adoptees and others who've lived through complexity have face, I navigate these experiences with compassion and insight.

✨ Conscious Leadership: The adoptee journey of consciousness can reveal trauma that can act on the nervous system outside of awareness. My trauma-informed approach cultivates leadership from the inside out.


🌈 Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Embark on a transformative self-discovery journey with me, a mentor-coach who understands unique paths. If you're ready to uncover your strengths, embrace your identity, and gain newfound confidence, let's embark on this empowering journey together. 

Have questions? Need help? Connect with me. Hit reply on any email. 

~ Sheila



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